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GINGER BLAIR, LMSW, CAADC, Clinical Social Worker and Addiction

direct line: 313.415.1449, e-mail: GBlair@lakescenter.com


Ginger is a Licensed clinical social worker and a certified advanced addictions counselor. She is a certified pathological gambling counselor, trauma and loss specialist, and completed four years of training in bioenergetic analysis. She has extensive experience working with a wide variety of concern, complaints, and conditions, including:


•  Depression

•  Anxiety

•  Adult Children of Alcoholics (ACOA) and addiction in families

•  Substance Abuse and Dependency; Dual Diagnosis


•  Victims of trauma

•  Relationship difficulties, family problems and interpersonal skills deficiencies

In addition to her personalized and carefully optimized medication recommendations, she offers state of the art options like genetic testing to assist in selecting medications and TMS (transcranial magnetic stimulation) for the treatment of mood disorders.

LYNNE LYONS, MD, Psychiatrist

phone: 248.859.2457, e-mail: DrLyons@lakescenter.com

MEAGAN AHLIJIAN, MA, Limited License Psychologist, Psychological Testing

phone: 248.859.2457, e-mail: MAhlijian@lakescenter.com


Meagan is a Limited Licensed Psychologist and received her Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology. She has extensive training and experience working in outpatient mental health, including assessment and treatment of a wide array of psychological conditions. Meagan specializes in psychological testing for children and adolescents to further assist with treatment and educational planning. She is also dedicated to providing therapy to children and their families to help build and maintain healthy interpersonal relationships. Her eclectic approach allows her to work effectively and adapt treatment according to each client’s individual needs to help improve overall functioning. Meagan provides psychological services for a variety of mental health conditions, including:


Special interest areas include:


• Adjustment Disorders

• Anxiety

• Behavioral Concerns

• Bipolar Disorder

SUSAN DEUTSCH, MSW, Clinical Social Worker

direct line: 248.563.7004, e-mail: SDeutsch@lakescenter.com


Susan Deutsch, L.M.S.W. is a psychotherapist with 28 years of experience. She received her Master’s Degree in Social Work from the University of Michigan.  Her practice includes adult men and women of all ages, ethnicity and sexual orientation who are trying to bring about positive change in their lives. She works with people individually as well as in marital treatment, depending on the client’s needs and wishes. Her approach is eclectic, using a broad range of techniques from psychodynamic, cognitive, behavioral and supportive psychotherapies.


Areas of specialty include:

•  Depression

•  Stress management and anxiety reduction

•  Relationship issues

•  Marital and divorce counseling

•  Parenting issues

•  Young adults struggling with life transition issues

•  Adult issues stemming from childhood physical, sexual and/or emotional abuse

•  Substance abuse/dual diagnosis


TERRIE BROWNING, LPC, CFC, DCC, Licensed Professional Counselor

direct line: 248.685.0701, e-mail: TBrowning@lakescenter.com


Licensed Professional Counselor; Certified Forensic Consultant, Distance Credentialed Counselor, specialization in Counseling Psychology.


Tired of being stuck? Terrie will help you resolve past issues, increase self-awareness, make necessary changes to habits, improve relationships both personal and professional and maintain balance in your life. She offers GOAL ORIENTED THERAPIES for Adults, geriatrics, young adults, adolescents and children.


Individuals • Couples/Marriage • Families • Life coaching • Evaluations • Online Counseling

She wants you to come in, feel at ease and see how quickly you can build trust in a confidential environment. Your time together will be open, productive and secure.  


Psychological Services

•  Bi-Polar

•  Anxiety / Fears

•  Eating Disorders

•  Personality Assessment

•  Depression

•  Self Esteem

•  Mid-Life Checkup

•  Divorce / Separation

•  Domestic Violence


Schedule with Terrie by calling our office, her direct line or by visiting our patient portal!

LISA ELROM, PHD, Clinical Psychologist

direct line: 248.227.3697, e-mail: LElrom@lakescenter.com


Dr. Elrom, brings more than 20 years of experience in providing treatment to all age groups – children and their families to older adults.


Areas of specialization include:

•  Anxiety Disorders

•  Depression

•  Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

•  Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

•  Borderline Personality Disorder

THEODORE  FARIS, LPC, Licensed Professional Counselor

direct line: 248.561.4862, e-mail: TedFaris@lakescenter.com


Ted Faris is a nationally certified professional counselor (MA, LPC). Ted received is Masters in Licensed Professional Counseling from University of Detroit Mercy. He specializes in bipolar disorder, depression, anxiety, relationship difficulties, pain management, and sleep management.


Do your moods get in the way of everyday life? Problems with relationships? Marriage? Can't sleep? Self doubt, experience fears and uncertainty? It can become very confusing for anyone at times. Ted can help you get back on track. Facing and learning how to cope with life's difficulties can be a real opportunity for growth and personal freedom. You can learn to go forward in life not in the absence of difficulties, "but to go forward, in spite" of difficulties


His theoretical approach is client centered. He integrates various theories in a prescriptive way which best suits your needs, such as; just old fashioned listening, cognitive behavioral, narrative, solution focused, psychoeducation, self directed neuroplasticity, mindfulness, coherence therapy, to name but a few.


He never sees his clients as the problem...the symptoms are the real problem. Together, you and Mr. Faris, will strategize many different ways to rid yourself of the debilitating symptoms.


His clients include:

•  Individuals

•  Couples

•  Families


Schedule with Ted by calling our office, his direct line or by visiting our patient portal!

VICTORIA HARRINGTON, MSW, Clinical Social Worker

direct line: 248.349.8934, e-mail: VHarrington@lakescenter.com


Victoria Harrington is a Licensed Masters Social Worker and received her MSW from the University of Michigan in 1973. During her career as a clinical social worker, for over 35 years, she has worked in a variety of outpatient mental health clinics and family service agencies. Her practice includes the treatment of adolescents and adults, of all ages, with individual, and/or couples or family therapy depending on the client’s needs.


Special interest areas include:

•  Adjustment Disorders, which occur in response to a major life event, change or crisis

•  Anxiety & Panic disorders

•  Depression

•  Marital and Couple Therapy

•  Pre- Marital Counseling

•  Women in Transition


Vicki believes the therapy experience is each individual’s unique, personal journey of self discovery. She works with her clients to establish a collaborative working relationship to determine the goals of treatment. Vicki utilizes a variety of treatment approaches and techniques to achieve these goals, including psychodynamic, cognitive behavioral, interpersonal, and relaxation and stress management techniques, depending on the client’s needs. In this context, the client is helped to alleviate their distress and improve his or her quality of life and relationships.


Schedule with Vicki by calling our office, her direct line or by visiting our patient portal!

JOSEPHINE SALEM, MSW, Clinical Social Worker

direct line: 248.736.9373, e-mail: JSalem@lakescenter.com


Josephine is a Licensed Masters Social Worker with a Master's Degree in Social Work from the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor. She has over 20 years experience treating young adults and seniors using methods customized to the individual including:  cognitive/behavioral therapy, mindfulness, insight therapy and relaxation/stress reduction techniques. Issues focused on include:


•  Depression, Anxiety/Panic, OCD

•  Relationship issues

•  Women's issues

•  Low self-esteem

•  Adjustment to life changes:  loss from death of a loved one, divorce, job, fertility problems

•  Obstacles to personal/professional growth

•  Chronic pain management and other disorders related to adjustment to a medical condition

•  Anorexia/bulimia and body image issues


Jo is problem focused and goal-oriented with a commitment to facilitating positive change.

LINDA SHERMAN, LMSW, Clinical Social Worker

direct line: 248.880.8087, e-mail: LSherman@lakescenter.com


Linda Sherman has worked in the field for more than 25 years with a concentration in couples, families, individuals and late adolescent treatment. Areas of experience have been with Family and Youth assistance, and currently in clinical outpatient therapy. Linda has experience and very good outcomes with the LGBT community and hope to continue to service this community.


She treats a range of problem areas and concerns, including:

•  Individuals, couples, family, marriage and pre-marriage

•  Blended family issues

•  Domestic violence-emotional,verbal and physical


•  Depression, anxiety, grief and adjustment

•  Women-empowerment/self-esteem issues


Her approach to treatment is tailored to the individual, family or couple to maximize optimal results, client trust and satisfaction. Her approach is interactive using cognitive/behavioral, psychodynamic, solution focused and goal oriented modalities, as needed. The ultimate goal is to promote self growth, awareness and change.


Schedule with Linda by calling our office, her direct line or by visiting our patient portal!



•  Emotional Intelligence

•  Moving On - Recovery From Loss


•  Alcohol Abuse

•  Addiction

•  Substance Abuse Evaluations

•  School Liaison

•  Court Evaluations and Testimony

•  Anger Management

• Depression

• Dyslexia

• Learning Disorders

• Emotionally Impaired

• Executive Functioning

•  Emotional Dysregulation in Children

•  Attention Deficit (Hyperactivity) Disorder

•  Coping with Chronic Pain

•  Binge Eating

•  Trichotillomania

•  Stress Management

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Dr. Lyons believes that thoughtfully selected medication coupled with psychotherapy is the fastest and most effective way to provide relief and a return to function. Prevention of relapse and maintenance of wellness are also a focus. She partners with the patient, their support people, and the therapist in a team approach to recovery.

Dr. Lyons is our Medical Director and is a Board Certified Psychiatrist. She did her psychiatric training at the University of Michigan – Ann Arbor. Her many years as Medical Director of Rose Hill Center and another outpatient practice have given her extensive experience in the evaluation and pharmacologic treatment of a broad spectrum of psychiatric disorders.

Dr. Elrom received her Ph.D. in Educational Psychology from Wayne State University. She utilizes a short-term, solution-focused approach to treatment. Dr. Elrom is skilled in applications of Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Relaxation Techniques and other Cognitive Behavioral Techniques, Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction, and Exposure-Based treatments for disorders such as OCD and PTSD.


Schedule with Dr. Elrom by calling our office, her direct line or by visiting our patient portal!

• Mood Disorders

• Oppositional/Defiant

• School Issues

• Self Esteem

• Social Problems

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ADAM HORSKI, MSW, Clinical Social Worker

direct line: 810-908-1259, e-mail: AHorski@lakescenter.com


Adam received his Master's of Social Work from Michigan State University.  He has experience in residential and the community mental health settings.  His practice includes helping those with personality disorders with a focus on Borderline Personality Disorder, Trauma/PTSD, and those who struggle with Substance Abuse/Addiction. He has 100+ hours of training in DBT (Dialectical Behavioral Therapy) and is certified in PE (Prolonged Exposure) trauma therapy. Adam is also a veteran who welcomes veterans and their families seeking help.  His approach is based on acceptance and change, helping people accept where they are and making the changes that will lead them to a fulfilling life worth living.


•  Substance Abuse

•  Addiction

•  Anger Management

•  Self-Esteem issues

•  Emotional Awareness

•  Emotion Regulation


Schedule with Adam by calling our office or by emailing him directly!

•  Self-Harm

•  Communication Effectiveness

•  Distress Tolerance

•  Trauma/PTSD

•  Veterans and their families